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>> a florida church's refusal to back down from its planned koran burning sparks new
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threats and-security. good afternoon, everyone. that is our big story. earlier today president obama urged the minister whose koran during protests sparked international controversy to "listen to those better angels and call off those plans." it comes after the fbi warned extremists may retaliate. the latest from washington. >> overnight we learned the fbi put out a bulletin saying they are concerned the event could endanger the u.s. the fbi says there is no evidence of a specific threat but it's has high confidence and credible information that extremists may retaliate if this florida church burns the koran. it could endanger u.s. troops and the state department asks every u.s. embassy to boost security. >> that a pastor in florida with
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more -- no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful planne. >> the pastor has no intention of backing down even after his internet provider pulled both of his website. >> i think it is a violation of our freedom of expression and speech, because they are trying to shut us down. >> opposition is mounting from washington and around the world and from new york. >> if you are about religion, whether christian or muslim, why do you want to offend people? >> heightening concerns is the controversy about building a mosque near ground zero. the imam now says a moving the mosque could spur a violent backlash from muslim extremists. a senior adviser says even though the church has the right to do this on saturday, he does not think it is the right thing
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to do. back to you. >> thank you. meantime a connecticut city council's planned to open a meeting with an islamic prayer is drawing heavy criticism. a strongly worded and even threatening e-mails have flooded the hartford city council after their plans to have an islamic imam open the september meeting. the council, which usually opens with a christian prayer, wanted to offer diversity and they are now considering a multistate invocation for the meeting. the remnants of the tropical storm hermine is being blamed for several deaths in texas. and 19-year-rod was found drowned in a car. -- 19-year-old was found drowned in a car. in central texas, two mobile homes and house were swept away.
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the morning commute in dallas was brought to a standstill with the water deep enough to cover vehicles. here at home we are seeing a drop in temperatures. could we use some rain? sandra shaw has a first look at the forecast. >> it is lovely outside. but for the rain you have to go back to august 25, and then there was just a trace amount. very dry, and it is increasing the fire risk. today it is lovely. much cooler than yesterday. the 73 currently downtown. 72 at the airport. upper 60's near the state line. this afternoon, looks like 75 degrees to 80 degrees. northwest winds at 10 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour. tonight, 50 in the outlying suburbs. you will likely need a light jacket or sweater when you wake up. >> thanks. we would check back with you.
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city fire crews were busy yesterday fighting multiple fires within blocks of each other in west baltimore. 11 homes went up in flames when two separate fires broke out in the 1300 block of north calhoun street and nearby. investigators say only two homes were occupied and residents were able to safely escaped. officials are unsure what sparked the first blaze. they have an idea how the other fire started. >> one consideration is there may have been members that blow across the street -- embers that might have blown across the street. >> one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. hazmat crews were working through the night cleaning up the hydrochloric acid spill. we first told you about it
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yesterday. authorities say about the 5 gallons of that asset -- acid spilled yesterday morning -- 55 gallons. officials say the situation could have been much worse. >> we also had two members who were in the building that were close to the exposed area that at this time had been checked out on the scene and. to be fine. >> -- appeared to be fine. >> the causes under investigation. a man accused of deadly road rage is back in jail. james king was taken back into custody after a judge revoked his million-dollar bail earlier today. prosecutors presented new evidence showing king is a flight risk and a danger. last week another judge allowed him to post bond after he was a originally ordered held without bail for murdering calvin yeung.
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investigators say calvin yeung was sitting at a red light when king shot and killed him. the search continues for an inmate who escaped from custody early tuesday morning. authorities say william lee lucas ran away as he was being transferred. he is serving eight four-year sentence for robbery and drug charges and was scheduled to be released last year -- serving a four-year sentence. if you see him, call 911. a man is in serious condition after an overnight stabbing in reisterstown. baltimore county police say the victim was stabbed in the upper torso after an argument. it happened around 12:30 am this morning on reisterstown road. police made three arrests in connection to the incident. a teenage girl has been indicted and charged with murder and attempted armed robbery near
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patterson park. prosecutors say 14-year-old girl shot a 44-year-old back august 13 after she attempted to rob him. a second victim was also wounded but survived. her 18-year-old brother was also indicted as an accessory after the fact. the nfl kicks off its 2010 regular-season tonight. a preview of a matchup. and could your education and pack your risk developing heart disease? and dr. ken hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions and little bit later. first, more and more americans are opting for debts over credit. what a new study reveals about which
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>> in this afternoon's consumer alert, if you have school age children you learn what makes school supplies take on a whole new meeting. parents are now being asked to come up with more than just paper and pencils. schools are looking for
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additional contributions like can sanitizers, facial tissues and even shaving cream. families are spending an average of 17% more than last year. a new study shows consumers are moving away from credit cards and toward debit cards, credit card use was down to 56%, down from 86%. analysts expect the trend to continue. they say users have cut back on their credit card usage, opting to use reload all prepaid debit and give cars. if you paint -- plan to purchase a new computer, listen up, a drop in the price of lcd screens. there is excess supply because of a slowdown in purchases. it can mean lower prices for tv sets, computers, or any other device that needs an lcd screen.
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if you have a pet questions, e- mail us at dr. hammond will have your answers after the break. speaking of animals, some of nature's most beautiful creatures are helping veterans heal from the wounds of combat. >> a great day to go out and walk the dog. beautiful, sunny skies. much cooler and comfortable than yesterday. how long this trend will last coming up in your full forecast.
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>> and the medical alert, a new study suggests most cardiovascular risks decrease as educational levels increase. but researchers say they were surprised to discover smoking rates were higher among more educated women. furman, the smoking rates were
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about the same -- four men. volunteers in california are helping wounded veterans heal in a way you cannot imagine. the moment they meet their new best friend. >> you feel like you are not doing anything in your life, this is a great place to start. >> on this course ranch, veterans are transformed. >> it is amazing what happens when they come out into this environment, rather than going into the hospital for therapy. >> this equestrians therapy for heroes offers 10 weeks of sanctuary. judge themes don't at all. >> the horse for some reason has a way of seeing you. >> he is a veteran of the gulf and iraq wars. it being surrounded by strangers was much too difficult to deal with. learning to ride it taught him
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how to live. >> it is kind of liberating because i did not know how a horse would react with me. we have become one almost. >> it is so rewarding to see them open up. to see a little bit of them come back. >> many veterans are on the waiting list. the tuition is paid for entirely through donations. the volunteers say the value of every dollar is in measurable. >> every little bit means we may be able to put another guy through a program, and have a chance to experience the physical release, the emotional release and developing that bonds. >> it is a great experience. it takes you back to controlling your life. >> yesterday we talked out at 92 degrees at the airport.
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today we will be in the upper 70's. a dramatic swing. but the main constant is we are very dry. plenty of sunshine. it will be a lovely afternoon. all the shower activity is well to our west. maybe the second half of the weekend we will have a shot at showers. we really need the rain but in the meantime enjoy the conditions. 73 downtown, 72 out at the airport and 73 over in easton. in annapolis, much cooler. they will top out at 68 degrees. plenty of sunshine. that is the constant state wide. maybe a few clouds this afternoon from the north. in the lower eastern shore, a nice day as well with a high of 78 later on this afternoon. a little bit breezy with the northwest winds.
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small craft advisory, tend not to 15 knots with gusts potentially up to 25 knots -- 10 knots. tonight, downright chilly, 50 in the outlying suburbs. tonight it looks like we are much cooler than normal. high pressure continues to dominate. that is keeping us dry. the next big weather player, it is a front that will get through on sunday and it might generate showers. the last time we saw rain was a trace amount. igor, not a lot going on. it has not really gained strength. moving generally to the northwest. it is way off the coast of africa. 77, a great day to wrap up the work week on friday. saturday looks like 80 degrees with the sun and clouds. sunday, about 40% chance of
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showers or maybe a storm. middle of next week and beginning of next week, looks like low 80's. >> thank you. dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. that is not little foster. a big foster. >> all by billy cooper. a nice cat. >> how old? >> i don't know. 14. >> a good life. >> 14. how about some questions? >> memories -- >> seriously. >> this is a simple and complicated questions. there are house call vets that you can find on line but they have a variety of talent. some are not very talented and some are very talented. it depends on what you need. there are also a bunch of pet
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taxis. >> who knew? >> a lot of -- looked up of those things. there are an awful lot animals that can be helped in extensively with pat taxis or house call veterinarians. >> ok, this is the deal. it is a life-threatening locally invasive tumor. if it is on your foot or leg, it will eat up the leg and it will be a mess. an animal, if he amputate, they have three other legs to walk on and they can do fine. if your veterinarian suggests you still have that option -- because some time it has already spread -- it is a very viable thing you can do. get a second opinion from a surgeon who knows what he is doing. >> we have cats and i said.
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husky that killed two straight facts that came into our yard -- cats and a siberian husky. >> that is a food chain situation. you almost cannot blame the dog for going after the cat but it is just behavioral. but i get a super soakers with a 10% vinegar. it is perfectly fine did i take it and i nailed cats and the fence. they smell like salad but generally they stay away. >> thank you. up next, your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. first, all in -- are you ready for football? a preview of the season kickoff
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spectacular is just two minutes away. and another check of the forecasts. but first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> it's the one night many have been waiting for for all your. the 2010 nfl regular season kicks off tonight in the league is ready to put on a big show. in a rematch of last year's nfc championship the super bowl champion new orleans saints will hold gigolos the minnesota vikings and the return of brett favre, and the spectacular featuring taylor's book begins tonight at 7:30 p.m. followed by
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the vikings that should sink its kickoff at 8:30 both can be seen here. we invite you to join the ravens broadcast team for the countdown. voice of the ravens. sandusky -- will host a special letter tonight at the power plant downtown and jennifer french yacht it will hang out of the fans, all beginning at 7:00 right here. tonight on a 11 is at 5:00, with more than 5 million americans affected by alzheimer's disease it is now the seventh leading cause of death and the nature. now minister did shows a simple vitamin supplements can help slow the disease. that and more when you join us for 11 is at 5:00 and now your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> brian johnson of the maryland lottery midday pick 3 numbers. here we go. . 32.
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the final number is digging1 -- is 1. 321. big money place scratch off. visit your favor lottery retailer. nikki cooper is our drawing officials. pick 4. 9, as printed on the ball. 0. 1. a final number is -- 7. winning pick 4, 9017. more exciting games than ever. more details that >> santer is back with one last check. >> absolutely gorgeous. feels more pleasant. it has been pretty for a while. dry and plenty of sun but today
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it feels nice, breathing, 78, 77, are not quite as london and paris saturday, 80, good for started the weekend, late on sunday 40% chance of showers and storms but a good thing because we really need the rain and then hanging near normal for the first of next year. >> thank you for joining us.
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